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How to host an unforgettable dinner party. Catering to your needs.

We are going to run through the common mistakes.

Did not plan your play list.

The first thing you may be doing wrong is that you did not plan the play list.
Think about the emotions you want to evoke, and then create something. Music is key and you should put some thought into it.

Not enough Mingling

How many times have you gone to a party and everyone is sticking to their usual social groups. Encourage people to mingle, it’s a great thing to walk away from a party with new human connection. We are so tied to this digital age we don’t really connect as humans with heart and mind. One idea is to put a cell phone basket in your entry way.

Not enough table space

Make a plan, use some counters etc etc

Waiting for the last minute

Plan ahead, and have everything ready to go, hire a caterer so that you don’t have to run around like crazy trying to get everything ready on time, and still entertain and welcome your guests.

Don’t do everything yourself

Get your friends involved, delegating tasks so they feel part of the event.